DIY Camera Shoulder Rigs

I remember when I first thought about diving into the world of photography and video, a very close friend of mine told me that it’s an expensive hobby.  Well, as in most things I do in life I threw caution to the wind jumped right in.  Needless to say he was right.  Camera equipment can be very expensive depending on what you need and level production you want to accomplish. This is why I love DIY projects, for a little time and effort you can save $$$ and become a better producer.  I will be posting various DIY projects as I find them but if you have a DIY project you have done please let me know or shoot me the video and I will be sure to share it!  In the mean time here are couple of good DIY projects for camera shoulder rigs.

The first DIY project is by a Knoptop.  They have a great channel with tons of tips, tricks, and tutorials.  You can follow them on and twitter @knoptop



The second DIY project is a DSLR shoulder rig and slider combo that was posted on youtube by pumthuggee.  I have to say this rig is a 10 on the coolness scale.


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