Call Me! …. Maybe?

As I was in the middle of my morning routine this morning I happend to catch a segment on the today show that caught my interest.  They were discussing the recent viral video that the Harvard baseball team had released  covering Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and the response video posted by SMU’s ladies crew team (BTW I didn’t know SMU had a crew team). They had each team there to do a van dance off to which the audience would pic the winner.  As I was watching the segment two things occurred to me.

The first was brought up by my wife. The today show missed a great opportunity to engage all those who were viewing at home… instead of just doing a cheesy segment where only the studio audience gets to vote they could have had everyone tweet their vote which would have probably had the today show trending immediately and maybe got a few more people to flip the dial.

Second, IMHO Harvard won.  They didn’t win because they were better at dancing in a van or lip syncing in time, they won because it was an impromptu fun video.  When you look at the formula of success for viral videos one ingredient is spontaneity.  All though the video maybe get several takes or even some rehearsal … it’s the idea for the video that comes from left field out of no where.  Below are both videos so you can see… leave a comment and vote for which you think is better.



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