Lessons Learned

Over the last 3 years I have been on a creative journey that has lead me to some really interesting places that I would have missed otherwise. As I have progressed and continued down my path I have learned some invaluable lessons that I think every creative (or technical person for that matter) should know.

Don’t be scared to try something new. This is a pretty broad statement but so is the scope of what I do creatively, and I wouldn’t be where I am at today if was scared. Whether it’s a new software, technologies, or opportunities to stretch your skill set you should look at it as an opportunity to grow. Here is a prefect example. I had a friend who needed a second shooter for a wedding he had booked. In my past conversations with other photographers I had made up my mind that I was going to avoid shooting weddings as they can be a pain and very difficult. Needless to say after some discussion I decided what the heck why not. His selling point was, as a second shooter I would have nothing to loose, and so I agreed to help him out. Well, long story short I actually enjoyed shooting the wedding. Now granted I did my homework to make sure I was technically prepared, but had I not said yes I would have probably never shot a wedding.

Success is never easy so try and try again. Just as in life you have to be persistent and continue on even when we don’t get the result we were hoping for. I spent many sleepless hours working on projects where I was going for a certain look or feel. Whether it was video editing, graphic design, or photography I refused to stop.

Never stop learning. This is pretty basic but I am sure we have all had times in our lives where we wished we would have spent more time keeping up with the latest trends, technics, or emerging technologies. Make sure you dedicate some time during the week to make sure you are growing in your craft. I once heard someone say “If you aren’t willing to invest time into yourself how do you expect anyone else to” I absolutely agree with this statement.

Again this may all seem like basic stuff but sometimes we need to go back to the basics so we can grow and take our work to that next level.

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