Dallas Fort Worth Photo Shoot Locations Part 1

Although family/individual location shoots have become the norm for most photographers in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex (and really across the US) often times little thought is given to the key element that will determine a successful shoot… location. Part of my success has lied in my ability to match the clients with a location that will offer exactly what they are wanting as well as fit their personality. To many times photographers try to steer the clients to a location they are comfortable shooting versus bending to the client since it would mean more work.

Fortunately being in the DFW Metroplex area there are so many locations to choose from it’s crazy. Whether you are wanting a vintage look or fashion forward Dallas Fort Worth has it. Typically when I am consulting my clients i often send them an always growing list of locations so they can start to get excited about the session and we can get brainstorming going. Well after writing a guest post for www.E7MC.com about location scouting I thought I would share some of the best and offbeat places I like to shoot in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

These are in no particular order and by no means represents my complete list of locations these are just a few locations that I think anyone can visit and get some great shots.

Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth: This is got to be one of the most overlooked areas and really just Fort Worth in general. I compare Sundance Square to the West End but without all the hassles (parking, pan handlers etc)

Main Street in Grapevine, TX: If you are looking for some great backdrops they have it. From antique trains to an open farmers market and everything in between.

The Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine, TX: The Gaylord offers several backdrops and keeps you cool in these killer Texas summers. Warning though..you can’t walk in with all your equipment. I try not be conspicuous no off camera lighting etc.

This is all for now but I will have more to come as I run down my favorite locations!!!

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