Your photo session is booked, so now…. “What should I wear? Should I put on extra makeup?”. Deciding on your look can be stressful, especially if having to coordinate a whole family. The following tips will give you a great starting point for picking out your clothes and applying a photo-ready face.

Tip 1

Be comfortable! If you are comfortable you will take better photos. It’s hard to look relaxed if your pants are too tight and your worried about the buttons popping open on your shirt. We understand that sometimes those really awesome 3 inch platform heels may look great, but make sure you can breathe and move in your clothing choices. For multi-location shoots, bring a pair of flip-flops to wear while in between locations so you aren’t stuck having to smile through the pain caused by those beautiful heels.

Tip 2

It’s hard to go wrong with jeans. Is there a more versatile piece of clothing? You can dress them up or down and they look good in every setting. Let your personality shine through. Pictures should be fun!

Tip 3

Don’t be “that” guy or girl. You know, the one in a red shirt with black pants while everyone else is wearing beige neutrals. You don’t all have to match, just stay in the same color palette. The picks below give several different palette ideas for inspiration.

Tip 4

MAKEUP! Makeup will photograph 1-2 shades lighter than it actually is. Apply your makeup in natural daylight to see how it will most likely turn out in your photos. Matte colors are the safest as shimmering colors reflect light. A little shimmer on the eyes can look great, but too much on the face and you will just look shiny. Use a little lip gloss over your lipstick. Your lips will look full and plump. Black mascara will make your eyes pop better than a brown mascara, as will false lashes too.

Finally, dust with powder…shiny four-heads and chins are not cute and can kill your photos. Bring powder on your shoot for touch ups, especially on warm days.

If you are still unsure which direction to go in and would like some help, we’ve got you covered. I work with some of the best stylist in DFW that would be more then happy to lend you a hand. Contact me if interested.