About us

As a digital creative with a camera, my job is to capture your inspiration moments and making them greater. To create beautiful digital media that exceeds my clients expectations. To make easy ideas easier.

Digital Marketing (Social Media - SEO - PPC)
Graphic Design
Customer Service

What I Do

I conceive, design, shoot, and produce digital media and integrated experiences for world class clients.

Who Me?

Well, if you are reading this then I am guessing you are trying to get a little bit more info about me. The first question I often get is how did you come up with the name UpSwideDown – pronounced (Up-Swide-Down)? Well, I can thank my youngest for the name. If you have kids you know that as they begin to talk there are always a few words that give them problems, for Gabe it was upside down. After listening to him try and tell me to hang him upside down…it hit me, that would be great name for a creative… So that is how I choose the name.

There is more to my story… I am furiously trying to finish it!

Meet the team

Typically I work alone but when occasion calls for it I have a team of creative professionals that turn your ideas into an reality. We start by figuring out the best way to bring your ideas to life in the most creative way possible.

Chris Chatterton Profile Image

Chris Chatterton


I am blessed enough to do what I love for a living which includes all things creative/photography.

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Jamaal Jackson


Film maker extraordinaire …If there is a camera count me in

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Samuel Gabriel


Making dreams into reality….

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Elmer Canas

Digital Producer

Creative, Song Writer, Musician, Singer, Producer & Designer/ Husband, Father, Son & Friend